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I've downloaded both Pokemon Go and Ingress, and I think I like Ingress better; it seems more interesting to me.

Here are some resources I've found for playing Ingress.

* Ingress Help
* Ingress Boot Camp
* Intel map
* What to Do When You Start Playing Ingress
* Recommended Gear (Equipment)
* Where to Stand When Hacking a Portal
* Decode Ingress website

AP Gain:

+ 125 AP – Deploying resonator
+ 500 AP – Capturing portal (deploying first resonator)
+ 250 AP – Fill up the portal (deploy to the last available resonator slot)

Levels and needed AP/Medals:

L1 Agent = 0 AP
L2 Agent = 2,500 AP
L3 Agent = 20,000 AP
L4 Agent = 70,000 AP
L5 Agent = 150,000 AP
L6 Agent = 300,000 AP
L7 Agent = 600,000 AP
L8 Agent = 1,200,000 AP
L9 Agent = 2,400,000 AP + 1 gold 4 silver
L10 Agent = 4,000,000 AP + 2 gold 5 silver
L11 Agent = 6,000,000 AP + 4 gold 6 silver
L12 Agent = 8,400,000 AP + 6 gold 7 silver
L13 Agent = 12,000,000 AP + 1 Platinum 7 Gold
L14 Agent = 17,000,000 AP + 2 Platinum 7 Gold
L15 Agent = 24,000,000 AP + 3 Platinum 7 Gold
L16 Agent = 40,000,000 AP + 2 Black 4 Platinum 7 Gold

XM Cost of Deploying Resonators:
Every deployment of a resonator costs the following amount of XM, depending on Resonator Level:

L1 Resonator = -50 XM
L2 Resonator = -100 XM
L3 Resonator = -150 XM
L4 Resonator = -200 XM
L5 Resonator = -250 XM
L6 Resonator = -300 XM
L7 Resonator = -350 XM
L8 Resonator = -400 XM

How to Create a Link:

Creating Links between Portals is a key step toward creating Control fields to earn Mind Units and AP. To create a link between two Portals, the following conditions must apply:

Both the Origin and Destination Portals of the Link must have all eight Resonators deployed on each portal.
Each of the eight Resonators must be above the Critical XM health level.
The agent must hold the Portal Key for the Destination Portal in their inventory.
The Destination Portal must be within the distance range of the origin Portal, as determined by the overall level of the origin Portal.
The link you wish to create must not cross any other link.

To Establish the Link:

Stand next to the origin Portal.
Touch the origin Portal in the Scanner view.
Touch the LINK button in the Portal details view.
Touch a highlighted Portal in the Scanner view; or
Open the carousel of Portal Keys from the side of the Scanner view, and select a particular Portal Key for the destination Portal.

Touch CONFIRM to establish the Link.
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