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Feeling Housewifely

I cleaned the kitchen, today--tossed out a lot of crap that we had on the kitchen counters, consolidated a lot of our spices and got rid of a lot of small spice jars, tossed out tea boxes and Girl Scout cookie boxes. There is actually space on our counters, now!

Tomorrow, I get to attack our pantry. I cleaned it out a year ago, but it seems to have gotten cluttered, once again. When Mark starts buying Pasta-Roni, and I know we already have three boxes in the pantry, it's time to go through it, again.

We went to visit my grandparents and my great-aunt and uncle, Judy and Dean. Judy knits scarves, and she gave me a beautiful, turquoise-blue one.

They used to drive across the country for about eight months of the year in a Winnebago, and they'd stop in Texas to see the relatives every other year or so. They've since decided that they prefer a real bed at nights, so they now travel in an SUV and stay in motels when they travel. Last summer, they went on a cruise with their family, leaving from New Orleans and going to Mexico. It looked like fun!

I've discovered a distressing addiction to mixed nuts--even pistachios, which I never used to like. I guess it's healthier than potato chips, but I really have to limit myself. It didn't help when I consolidated our nut collection into a large plastic jar from Sam's. I noticed I didn't have room to pour the macadamias in and was very tempted to use that as an excuse to eat enough nuts until I could fit them in. *shakes head*

Dead Like Me was very good tonight. George had to reap the soul of a man whose son she has taken a fancy to. And it looks like her little sister Reggie is becoming friends with the kid who is a reaper. George's mother and grandmother are still trying to deal with each other. Grandma is a free spirit, and Mom is...not.

SPH Stuff

I was such a complete screw-up with the whole relationship between Goyle and Mary Elizabeth. Shusu explained to me many times how the DE operated, and while I did my best to heed her advice regarding Seth, I never made the connection with regard to treating Goyle the same way. Mary Elizabeth should have been far more cautious with Goyle.

I guess I looked on Goyle and Mary Elizabeth more as comedy than as seriousness, and I shouldn't have made that mistake. Greg was still a character. I think I did well on treating him as a real person in some respects, but not in others. I am truly sorry for that.

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