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Choral Music Workshop

Choral Music Workshop

I auditioned for the Lighthouse of Houston Choral Workshop today and was accepted. I'm not quite sure what section I will be singing in. The choral director said that, since I am able to sing harmony, he might put me among the altos to do that. That will be weird, as I've never sung alto. He is okay with me needing to miss the occasional Thursday practice for Eastern Star.

This choral music workshop is being done in partnership with American Festival for the Arts in Schools, and the choral director is a university music professor.

The first piece we will learn is "Dona Nobis Pacem." In some ways it is snoozeville; in other ways fun, as it is a 3-part harmony sung as a round. It's quite lovely, and I look forward to singing it. Just because something has a simple melody doesn't mean it is necessarily easy to sing or doesn't have subtleties to it that can make or break it. The way I see it, since I already know it like the back of my hand, I might be able to simply take a group of people who will sing the same part as I, and teach it to them if they don't already know it. I can play the piano enough for that.

I also think this choral director is smart to start us out with something that is simple but has its own kind of complexity, just to see how well we all work together.
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