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Vanity Fair

Mark and I and a couple of friends went to see Vanity Fair last night, based on the novel by William Thackeray. I've never read the book, so I don't know how closely the film follows the novel.

Ever since Legally Blonde, Mark and I have been Rhys Witherspoon fans. I thought she did an excellent job in this movie, though her character was not at times the most likable person in the world.

I don't know if it's actually Witherspoon singing in this film, but if that is her, she sounds good! The opening music of this film is a sung rendition of "She Walks In Beauty" by Byron, and it's exquisite. I must get the soundtrack for this thing, because I want to learn to sing the songs performed in the film. I will probably sound like crap, because I don't know how to breathe properly, and it shows, but I love those songs!

This film is set in England just after the English Regency, during the Napoleonic era. It is essentially a story of people who make romantic mistakes and then do better with second chances. There's Becky, the daughter of an artist and an opera singer, who yearns to enter high society and figures she must marry well, to do it. Unfortunately, her plans go quite awry when she miscalculates how members of her husband's family and their social set view the marriage. Then there's Amelia, who is unendingly devoted to a fiancee and then husband who doesn't deserve her devotion.

And because of a scene in this movie, I'm going to add a law/social custom to the culture of a fantasy novel I'm working on. Why should the Roman patresfamilias have all the fun?

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