Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Chapter Committee Assignments

Tonight, Ashley assigned me to the following chapter committees:

* Bereavement
* Faith, Hope, and Charity
* Funerals

In other news, we will begin meeting for study group every second Thursday of the month at 6:30pm for dinner and then beginning to practice at 7:00pm. All officers are strongly requested to attend, with the exception of Sherry Dieckman, who is already committed to working with her Boy Scout troop that night. As Treasurer, she does not have much to practice in the ritual, anyway, so this is all right. the line officers, however, need to be there, and the Star Point officers should be there, too, to practice their work.

Ashley wants to open up our practice night to all of the local chapters, since none of them have stated meetings on the second Thursday of the month.

In our September meeting we will host the Deputy Worthy Grand Matron, so attire will be formal, and we will perform the ritual in long form.

My manual has still not arrived. I'll have to continue using the online old manual. But at least I now have my Secret Work!

I consulted with Joan Groth, and Bill Groth agreed to stand with me as Associate and then Worthy Patron.

I am going to visit Joe White at the Brighton Gardens Nursing Home at Bellaire and 610 on August 29.
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