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St. Vitreous' School for Boys - Game Notes and References

St. Vitreous' School for Boys on Storium.


Player Characters

  • Donellan, Adrian III: Born the second son but is now the heir of the Earl of Arundel.
  • Hayward, Donovan: A servant who is the same age as the boys in senior year. He is Mrs. Hayward's son.
  • Lockwood, Henry: A student attending St. Vitreous on a scholarship. Very smart, but he despairs of ever fitting in.
  • Quayle, Tobias: A boy from a wealthy family, whose older brothers had a bad reputation. He is a middle child who resents not being thought special in any way. He appears to have a secret admirer.
  • Tarrant, Kellian: The son of a wealthy financier. He is partially deafened from an explosion that killed his mother; however, the incident was hushed up.

Non-Player Characters

  • Carlyle: A tall, very large, Scottish lad.
  • Clarke, Samuel: A boy who abuses the servants. Calvin regards him with contempt.
  • Fitzroy, Calvin: A slight, arrogant boy who often uses his breeding and wit like a weapon. He is often seen with a pack of similarly aristocratic friends.
  • Hayward, Mrs.: A servant at the school, the mother of Donovan Hayward, another servant.
  • Hutch: A toady of Samuel's. AKA Crabbe--or Goyle.
  • Layton, Rector Paul: Known sarcastically as ‘St. Paul,’ the new rector is a handsome man in his first year at St. V.’s and seems to be willing to use any measures to bring the word of God to the student body.
  • Marchand, Alexander: A boy known for his obsession with sports and the leader of the school’s rugby team, but a friendly lad despite that.
  • Pat: A toady of Samuel's. AKA Crabbe--or Goyle.
  • Rutcliffe, Master Hugh: The Games Master. A big, beefy man respected and possibly feared by the students.
  • Saint, Maximilian: A troublemaker and devilish boy, always bent on defying the rules. He is the son of an earl, probably illegitimate, rumored to be part Romany. He is also probably gay.
  • St. Claire, Archibald (Archie): A scrawny, undersized lad who seems like a natural target for bullies. He is four years younger than the seniors.
  • Wilkins, Timothy: The pretentious prefect of Mandrake House, a boy born to be a mid-level bureaucrat.

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