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Current Events

Dark Fort Weyr: Ewww...I just read this really creepo character sheet for someone at DFW. This kid Ranliate had better never show up at Theran. I'd rather have my IMS character Settim there; at least he's honest, though no less creepy. ::makes disgusted face::

Maryland Sniper: There's mild speculation as to whether this guy is a terrorist. I'm pretty sure he isn't; he doesn't act like one. I think this guy likes to savor his murders; he's not looking to go out in a blaze of glory--not yet, anyway. I hope they catch him before he escalates. I've got a feeling he'll want to toy with the police and the media for as long as he can.

West Nile Virus: This is getting ridiculous. Yesterday, it was all over the radio that Houston has had four fatalities from WNV. Imagine that, four whole fatalities!--and the media is jumping up and down about it, all in a tizzy. Haven't these people ever heard of the flu epidemic of 1918? Or the bubonic plague, which wiped out millions in the Middle Ages? WNV is mild, compared to those. Worrisome, yes, but mild, and we shouldn't be taking up air time going into paroxysms over it, every hour on the hour.

Eric Burns: Fox News needs to give their reporter Eric Burns more air time. That man is highly erudite and articulate, in my opinion, and has many important things to say. Every time I have listened to him, he has made me think. I like that. I think he could be the next George Will, if he wanted.

::wonders:: Why is it that I really like all of the male Fox News people--Eric Burns, Neil Cavuto, Steve Doocey, John Gibson, Brit Hume, Bill O'Reilly, Shepherd Smith, and Tony Snow--but I can't stand Susan Estridge and Greta van Sustrind?

Bleah, Susan Estridge! Ick, ick, ick! On the other hand, I'm not too fond of Geraldo Rivera, either. (g)

Too bad they don't get Lucianne Goldberg on there more; she's fun.

Politics: They had Sheila Jackson Lee, who is (unfortunately) one of the local US Congressional representatives for the Houston area, on Fox, today. Even worse, she sounded more intelligent and reasoned than usual--though she did try to hog the air time, which I thought was ill done. This is a woman who apparently didn't know that we landed on the Moon in 1969, not Mars. I know, I know; it was probably just an honest slip of the tongue. But still, it just rubs me raw to hear someone who has lived in Houston all her life, to make that kind of mistake. Ah well. She's one of these people who thinks we should dump the space program in favor of providing more welfare--at least, that's the impression I've always gotten from her.

::Wants to go back to the Moon!::

Well, time for me to stop ranting and eat dinner. Bye!

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