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Writing Work - 05/01/2012

Happy Beltane!

I've been home today for the second day in a row with a nasty UTI. I know it's nasty because it's taken three doses of antibiotic to make a dent. Usually, I see improvement in one dose. Anyway, after feeling like a truck ran over me since Saturday, I'm now improved to the point of feeling drained but able to breathe without panting and without the pain in my abdomen. Not fun.

I used the time to buy a Kindle copy of Kim Weiland's book, Outlining Your Novel. I've always thought outlines were useful, but when I would set down to create them, they'd never go anywhere, or I'd get distracted by something else and wind up not finishing it. Weiland gives an estimate of how long it takes to write a good novel outline (For her, it's 3 months.), and she gives useful tips on how to organize the planning of a novel. I've created a Novel Organization Template in my musevoices journal and have started two, one for Mindsorter and one for The Hand of Vengeance.

I haven't really progressed with either of these stories, and it's because I don't have a clear roadmap--at least for Mindsorter. For Hand of Vengeance, I'm using my characters and original plot idea from the Imperial Secrets RPG that I used to be in. I swear, that game could have been a series of novels in itself, and if no one else is writing their part of it, then, by God, I will. Something as beautiful and richly detailed as that game cannot be allowed to just die. It would be a sin.

In Pern, I'm co-writing a StarRise story with gypsy_anna and need to finish another story I was co-writing with her.

Speaking of Pern--Dave--Do you think we might get some Aerden and D'vor story action going on? I miss Aerden's best friend and his water-happy dragon. :D
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