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Aerden [userpic]
On Fan Fiction

The ONTD (Oh No They Didn't) Community is discussing various fiction authors' opinions about the writing of fan fiction today. I'm not a member of the community, so I couldn't post there, but here are my feelings.

First off, I do write the occasional Harry Potter fan fiction story and the more frequent Pern one, so I can't exactly oppose it without being a hypocrite.

If I were a professionally-published author, it would disturb me greatly if fans wrote stories featuring my characters without my permission. There are some genres of fan fiction that I would be very offended to find my characters being used in.

I prefer Anne McCaffrey's approach: Use of my settings would be fine, but use of any of my characters would not at all be permitted. Only certain very close friends of mine, who have known me for years, would have permission to write my characters...That would be Viv, Anna, Hope, Dave, Suse, and Tricia. And there are only specific characters whom each of those friends would be appropriate for.

Except for Dave...I don't think Dave has ever read anything about my character Paul Graves, but I suspect he'd figure him out very quickly and would probably write him way better than I do. :)

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all of this got stirred up by Fifty Shades of Grey. Frankly, I think it's all off limits to publish because those fictional places are copyrighted material! If it's a real place (like Forks, Washington, ala Twlight) that's a different story but things like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, shouldn't be allowed to be published unless it's written by the author.

I agree with you; the settings should be off-limits, too. But I grew up with McCaffrey not minding if her fans played in her world, as long as they left her characters alone, so that's become the ethic that's ingrained in me. And I can't inveigh strongly against using the author's characters when I have been somewhat guilty of doing that, myself. They are secondary characters in my stories, but still...I'd catch some flack.

When I first started participating in Potter-based roleplaying games, I never would play any of the canon characters because of McCaffrey. It took me a very long while to be persuaded to write Ron Weasley. And Snape, well, he proved irresistible.


All of us were *born* in communities, but until the advent of the Internet...

...few of us were able to experience what it was like to form a community.

And being in at the start, a lot of us are beinning to realize the most basic reason for forming a community: Hey--if enough of us get together, we can take stuff without paying for it!

Flash mobs, Napster, and now fanfic: they all have this in common with the very first rock-throwers in the Great Rift Valley.

--Skarl the Drummer

Paul Graves

Voldemort went that way, muttering something about microcephalic Gryffindors...

Re: Paul Graves

Paul: "I am not interested in pursuing Voldemort...well, except to kill him. But I believe that prerogative has been assumed by another."

Me: Because Paul never uses a one-pence word when a 50p one will do! He agrees about the microcephalic Gryffindors, though! "They are. It is painful to watch."


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