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Aerden [userpic]
Lessons Professor Snape Taught Me

I'm in love. I have found the works of .logospilgrim.

How can I not love essays on mysticism and Severus Snape, all in one package? I wonder if sistermagpie has read these? I can't wait until payday, when I will buy them! Alas, they are not in the Kindle. *whines*

hp_snape should read these, if he hasn't, already. I think he would appreciate them a lot.

Current Mood: enthralledenthralled

I think we would have many fascinating conversations were we ever to meet, most beloved! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm welcome, and thank you for sharing part of your journey with me :-)

I hope that my scribblings will be a source of comfort to you... I am not sure I am more knowledgeable than you, though! I just cannot help rambling when it comes to hope and love... I ramble and hope for the best!

When I wrote my two first books of essays, I was Orthodox, but after almost ten years, my own spiritual journey took me elsewhere... My mysticism demanded a more pluralistic outlook. The beauty of Orthodox theology, in particular its emphasis upon spiritual healing, remains with me, but my ardent desire for universal Oneness led me to embrace religious syncretism. My greatest influences are Taoism (I quoted from the Tao Te Ching at length in both Bring forth the best robes and The flawed master, actually), Wicca (this is a recent development!) and Gnosticism (especially in the sense that I believe esoteric understanding is more vital than surface exotericism, which I find limiting, divisive and incomplete).

I wish to be at One with everything and everyone, and comfort the broken-hearted :-)

I so love to write about Professor Snape and the mystical truth he embodies... He is an ever flowing fount of inspiration to me. Throughout all my struggles, he has taught me a lot, and helped me hold on to my vision. I am very much looking forward to writing my next book, which will reflect all that I have experienced these past two years or so.