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Aerden [userpic]
Lessons Professor Snape Taught Me

I'm in love. I have found the works of .logospilgrim.

How can I not love essays on mysticism and Severus Snape, all in one package? I wonder if sistermagpie has read these? I can't wait until payday, when I will buy them! Alas, they are not in the Kindle. *whines*

hp_snape should read these, if he hasn't, already. I think he would appreciate them a lot.

Current Mood: enthralledenthralled

Wow, you have a brave aunt! Every time I look at the Wheel of Time books, they're so long, and there are so many of them, that I figure it would take me a lifetime to read them all. On the other hand, my Kindle Fire makes reading so much easier now, that maybe I could read the first one, to see if I get hooked.

Heh...You shold tell her that, since she is a Chrsian, the Potter books are particularly appropriate. :D

I even met a lady at the Eastern Star who is big into the Twilight series and was planning to see Breaking Dawn at the opening midnight show. I was startled.

I love your icon, by the way!


Edited at 2011-11-26 02:56 pm (UTC)

She's been reading them for a while and I think has just started Vol 11 or 12 - so whatever the next one is will make a nice Christmas present. :)

It's always nice around Christmas when you know people who are committed to reading a book series. *snicker* It makes the shopping so much easier!

I went by and reread some of hp_snape's journal the other day. He is still quite enjoyable to read.