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Aerden [userpic]
Crys, NaNoWriMo, Life

In fondest memory

--<-<@Crys O'Regan@>->--
A very dear friend who I never met in person but cherished, anyway.

Crys: Crys died on this date three years ago. He was one of the funniest, smartest, kindest, most gracious, and most interesting people I ever knew. I will miss him always.

NaNoWriMo I wrote 1053 words yesterday, and I think I forgot to do the weekly totals. I was a menstrual zombie all weekend, so it's a wonder I wrote anything at all. Mark would tell me, "I'm off the computer now." I'd thank him, and then I'd drift back off to sleep. An hour later, he'd come back and find me still in bed in the same position he left me, never having written a thing.

Fortunately, I'm more awake tonight.

TV: I did break for Once Upon a Time. That show is getting more and more interesting! Snow White as a thief. I love it! It gives her much more personality. I also like the fact that Prince Charming has a name. :) He really is a cool guy.

Life: I took this afternoon off from work to go to church so I could say prayers for Crys, my Mom, and some of my other relatives. I also ran a couple of other errands downtown and had lunch at the Bombay Pizza Company--best pizza ever!

I wanted to explore the new Phoenicia Deli over on Austin Street, but I ran out of time. If I get Nov. 23rd off, I'll explore it then.

Tomorrow is voting day. Mark will pick me up from work, and I think we'll eat dinner out somewhere after we vote.

And now, off to go a'Nano-ing.

Current Mood: blahblah

Its funny how people respond to shows... one of my co-workers and I got talking and he caught OUAT and hated it so I suggested he check out Grimm so it's interested how someone else can love it...

I wasn't sure if I would like Once, but it's just really interesting, the way they're doing it. They tell two stories at once--what went on in the fairy tale kingdoms before the dark curse went off, as well as what's happening in Storybrook, Maine.

Already, it's pretty clear that the real person our heroes will have to contend with is not the Evil Queen; it's Rumpelstiltskin. That guy would beat the pants off of Spock at four-dimensional chess (as described once in a book). I'm as interested in figuring out the moves in the chess game between him and the Queen as I am anything else. I think he simply wants to be the ruling power when they lift the curse. But how he's going to arrange that--and he's arranging it bit by bit--intrigues me. And the producers keep ladling out droplets of story for us each week, making us hungry for more. Well, making me hungry for more, anyway. :)

I can't wait to see what happens next.


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