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How Can Life Still be Normal?

Mark and I went to see Dad yesterday. I had expected to go there, roll up my sleeves, and help Dad with the work he's already begun of clearing out some of Mom's things from the house. But instead, we visited. He gave us some spices he doesn't plan to use and all of Mom's Celtic CD's, which she and I both like, but neither Dad nor my sister, Lisa, do. A lot of them are ones I gave her.

We don't really need the spices, but I know Mark will find a use for them and will probably empty Mom's smaller spice jars into the larger, plastic spice containers that Mark uses.

I also took one of her purple hats. Mom used to belong to a group of ladies called the Purple Hat Club. They're a lot like the Red Hat Club but apparently prefer purple. I always liked the idea of the Purple Hat Club and wanted something to remember that by. Dad allowed me to take one of Mom's purple hats, a velvet one. I plan to take it to my office and hang it up on my hat rack, just so I can look at it and think of Mom when I want to. I can even hold it against me and sort of hug it, which I did yesterday. Nope, not ashamed to admit that.

She also had a really cool purple Easter had that she made herself. I'd never seen it before. She glued pastel-colored Easter eggs all around the brim and glued a tiny plush Easter bunny to the front. It was adorable! I wish I had a photograph of her wearing it. And my Dad, the clueless twit, removed the eggs and bunny--because they weren't glued very securely, unfortunately--so he can donate the hat to the club.

I agree with donating the hat, but couldn't he have kept it as it was? I think I will have to reconstruct it with another hat. It really was awesome looking. I'll post a photograph here after I do that. I'll probably have to wait until next Easter, though; I don't imagine Easter eggs are a very popular sales item right now.

After the visit, we ate barbecue at a local restaurant and came on home. Mark got on the computer for a while, and then I got online. I worked on a StarRise story with my friend gypsy_anna and then joined in the StarRise Weyr monthly chat.

Saturday night, we went gaming. I asked for it to not be canceled because I wanted the distraction. Lisa took my nephew Cody to his Little League game on Sunday. Life goes on, even when it feels as if it ought to come to a screeching halt.

I almost wish I were Jewish, because I really wouldn't mind sitting shiva for seven days, right now. I'm not sad 24/7, and it really does help to continue doing the normal things, but I can sure see the value in having a specific time set aside for the worst of the mourning.

I want to reconstruct that hat because it was so Mom.

EDIT: Thank you very much to Rand Simberg for his kindness.

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