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March 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Today's Earworm and Other News

Today's earworm is "Eight Days a Week" by The Beatles. Not a bad song for an earworm.

Family: My nephew Justin has some torn ligaments in his shoulder after having dislocated his shoulder. This is after informing his Mom that he had dislocated his shoulder a couple of times before this latest incident, without telling her, and had popped it back into place himself.

That's got to count for some kind of manliness points, though I think the real motivation was that he didn't want to get booted from marching band. He plays the big drum, and I guess that's messing with his shoulder.

Now he's out of band for the rest of the year, and I've a feeling his mother put the fear of Mom into him. He will also have to have surgery to repair the ligaments. (((Hugs Justin)))

TV: Criminal Minds is on tonight--second-to-last episode of the season, I think. *whimpers*

Tea: Cacao Chai Assam tea. *swoons!*

The Weather Overhead: It rained this evening! The grass is saved!!!

Investing: Yesterday, I went to the annual stockholders' meeting of a company whose stock I have purchased. It was pretty interesting and surprisingly short--only a couple of hours. For some reason, I always thought stockholders' meetings lasted an entire day. Anyway, I like the company very much and will be purchasing more stock from them soon.

Internet: I'm sorry I upgraded to Firefox 4.0. Ever since4 I did, my screen has been jumping around and twitching as if it has epilepsy, any time I'm on a webpage containing fields. Bleah.

Health: In other news, my throat is not happy with me. Not sure why, and I'm tired of all the phlegm.

Current Mood: blahblah

Criminal minds is my new obsession (Only started watching about 4 weeks ago)... I watch new episodes on the tV but am slowly trying to get caught up here: http://tv.blinkx.com/show/criminal-minds/VtE_N1zTOE_Z6lmZ

I hate Firefox 4... I'm dreading switching to it.... If I wanted Chrome I'd go download chrome *snarl at modzilla*

I love Criminal Minds. I think it's the most intelligent show on TV right now--way better than House and much more serious than Bones, which I love but am irritated by.

The quotations got me hooked on it first, and then I came to adore the characters. My favorites are Hochner, Garcia, Prentiss, and Morgan, though I like all of them a lot.

Another show with wonderful quotations was Andromeda, which sadly only lasted for about three seasons, I think. I'm told it went downhill after its original producer with the vision left--a true shame.

I don't know anything about Chrome, but if that's what's causing my screen to act this way, I'll consider myself ready to uninstall.

Good to hear from you!


Well you'll be happy to hear that Sharmar Moore (Who plays Morgan) just signed his contract to come back. We're not just waiting on Thomas (Hotch) to sign his to return.

I don't know what's causing it... it may be the spec... check the FireFox 4 forum over their at Mozilla and see if it's come up for anybody else... also maybe try reinstalling it?

I just don't like the appearance and the way it's set up...

I know *hangs head in shame* I'm in a whole right now.... but the ladder in the side is built and I'm on the first step towards the rim!

I kind of stopped watching Criminal Minds after Gideon left, but it's still one of my favorite shows ever.

My brother was in the drumline--he played the quads, which actually entails four or five smaller drums strapped to your front. They are just as heavy as you think they are. A study done a few years back proved that members of the drumline get a more rigorous workout than any football player. So, the fact that your nephew suffered an injury like that is not that surprising--I hope his surgery goes well and that he recovers without any lasting effects!

I hope so, too! I'd go wait at the hospital with my family, but I'm scheduled to be on a business trip that day. *sigh*

It doesn't surprise me that the drummers get such a good workout. Those drums are heavy, the uniforms are heavy, and the drummers get a lot of aerobic stuff going on in their arms and legs.

Yeah, I'm for being in the orchestra. you get to sit down in air conditioning and listen to beautiful music. :)