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Today's Earworm and Other News

Today's earworm is "Eight Days a Week" by The Beatles. Not a bad song for an earworm.

Family: My nephew Justin has some torn ligaments in his shoulder after having dislocated his shoulder. This is after informing his Mom that he had dislocated his shoulder a couple of times before this latest incident, without telling her, and had popped it back into place himself.

That's got to count for some kind of manliness points, though I think the real motivation was that he didn't want to get booted from marching band. He plays the big drum, and I guess that's messing with his shoulder.

Now he's out of band for the rest of the year, and I've a feeling his mother put the fear of Mom into him. He will also have to have surgery to repair the ligaments. (((Hugs Justin)))

TV: Criminal Minds is on tonight--second-to-last episode of the season, I think. *whimpers*

Tea: Cacao Chai Assam tea. *swoons!*

The Weather Overhead: It rained this evening! The grass is saved!!!

Investing: Yesterday, I went to the annual stockholders' meeting of a company whose stock I have purchased. It was pretty interesting and surprisingly short--only a couple of hours. For some reason, I always thought stockholders' meetings lasted an entire day. Anyway, I like the company very much and will be purchasing more stock from them soon.

Internet: I'm sorry I upgraded to Firefox 4.0. Ever since4 I did, my screen has been jumping around and twitching as if it has epilepsy, any time I'm on a webpage containing fields. Bleah.

Health: In other news, my throat is not happy with me. Not sure why, and I'm tired of all the phlegm.

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