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May 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Writer's Block: Good morning, star shine

On spaceflights, astronauts are awakened by songs of their choosing. What song would you pick?

I'd like "Va doro Pupille" by Joseph Handel. It's a beautiful aria for soprano. at its heart it's a melody lovely for its simplicity and singability. The problem is, I'd probably just sleep through it, and it would become part of my dreamscape for that morning. :)


What you've written in your post in heartwarming and thought provoking. Being Christian myself, I have accepted other religions and respect those with other faiths, as does the minister of my church. Went to an Easter service this morning that really warmed my heart. I feel very strongly that all faiths have something to offer us as human beings and that we should respect those of other faiths. One of my best friends is a Buddhist.

Hey, glad to meet you! :)

I'm very much a believer in the phrase, "The paths are many; the Light is One." That sums it up for me.

Welcome to my journal!