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Rock On, Zell!

Way to go, Zell Miller! You rock! I swear, the man was kicking ass and taking names.

But he did something I've wanted done since this election year began--went through and listed some of Kerry's Senate voting record. Too much attention has been paid to Kerry's Vietnam service and not enough to his Senate record, lately. I'm glad Miller brought it up.

I would be interested to know, however, how consistent Kerry was on these no votes. Often, a politician will vote against a bill not for the bill itself, but for some particular part of it. He might vote for the committee version but against the full House or Senate version. Politicians from both parties will do this. I would be the most interested in his votes on bills presented to the full Senate.

I enjoyed Arnold Schwarzennegger's and Larua Bush's speeches, last night. I know people are calling the Bush daughters ditzes, and they might be, but I figured they planned that speech more as comic relief than anything else.

I am going to see if I can find the text of all of these speeches, from both conventions, for comparison's sake. I think they'll be interesting to read.

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