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About to Shop a Novelette

Writing: Those of you who know me from Imperial Secrets might remember a series of short stories I wrote one year for the Queen's Joust, called "The Ghost of Zanjen." I've decided to tweak them, combine them into a novelette, add the fourth story, which I never finished because I didn't make it to the last round of the Joust, and submit it to places which want longer works of dark fantasy.

Combined, the stories come to novelette length--about 8000 words. I suspect the end result will be about 9-10,000 words.

I miss the Queen's Joust--and IMS.

TV: Apropos of nothing...It is really weird to hear the voice of Michael C. Hall (Dexter) doing car commercials.

Mark and I watched The Fall of Sam Axe last night and enjoyed it, as we expected to. I swear, Bruce Campbell/Sam is so much like our friend Terry that it's hilarious--even down to the Hawaiian shirts and the beer!

Wr8ting, again: Mark is watching House in here, and it's annoying. I've got to figure out a way to carve out a quiet, private, writing space for myself in this house.
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