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Shopping with my Characters

Today, I went in to Chico's to buy some blouses to go with three pantsuits I have--a teal one, a black one, and a purple one. I found about five shirts I couldn't resist and finally decided against one. Two I knew I definitely wanted, but the remaining two I couldn't decide between. So I stood in the fitting room and decided to consult my characters.

Me: "So, Paul, which of these two shirts do you like better? I can't decide between them."

Paul: *sighs* "This is why I never liked shopping with my wife. You have four shirts here, all of which are comparably priced and of similar colours. It is six of one; half-dozen of the other. Decide and choose."

Me: "I know all that. Just tell me the one that you like."

Paul: "Oh, very well. The one on the left. It has a bold, sharply-defined pattern, and it has some black in it. I like black."

Me: "Okay. Seth, which one do you like?"

Seth: "Oh, definitely the one on the right. It's like an Impressionist painting, it's purple, and besides, I like the fish design."

Me: "Great. Neither of you are of any help. Mary Elizabeth, be more useful than these two men, and tell me which shirt you like."

Mary Elizabeth: "Don't bother asking me. I like the one over there with the flowers on it, that you've already decided upon."

Me: "Aaarghhhh!!!!"

I spent a few minutes staring at the two shirts in question, side-by-side, and I finally decided on the purple fish one. (Sorry, Paul!) Satisfied, I took them all out to the cash register to pay for them. The lady rang them up, and I signed the receipt. Then the sales lady said, "If you change your mind about any of them, you have 30 days to bring them back."

And I thought, If I change my mind now, Paul Graves will kill me! Not happening.

As I walked out to the bus stop, Aerden popped into my head.

Aerden: "Why didn't you consult me on any of this?"

Me: "Oh, I didn't have to consult you. You would have said you liked the shirt with the most blue in it."
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