Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Writer's Block: You're my best friend

If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?

In general--None. I like for animals to be their regular size, and there is no large animal that I'd want to carry around with me all day. I don't like snack-sized dogs.

But if I had to choose one animal (aside from a dog or cat) to be my constant companion, I'd maybe choose a raven. I think ravens are beautiful, graceful birds, and I love to watch them fly. I wouldn't want it to stay in my pocket all day.

Yes, xanath, any resemblance to Simon MacArran's father from that Darkover RPG we used to write in is absolutely intentional. Maybe I should move him to Pern--He'd like for me to.
Tags: writer's block

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