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Dissecting a Dream

Dream, the night of 02/18/2011:

I dreamed I was standing on the street where my office is, but somewhat east of my office. I looked to the left and saw a bus coming. I flagged it down and, to my surprise, it almost immediately pulled over and opened its doors to let me on. It was stopped in the middle of the street, though, and angled such that it was blocking traffic. I glanced to my right and noticed that there was a bus stop immediately to my right. I went up to the door to get on and noticed that I couldn't see into the bus. I called out to the driver, asking what the bus' route number was and got no reply. I asked again and still got no reply. It was still drk inside the bus, and the darkness was beginning to make me feel uneasy. At this point, I woke up.

Analysis, not Interpretation: The first notable thing about this dream is that it was extremely short, so I was able to recall the entirety of it clearly upon awakening, which enabled me to analyze it in much more clarity than I would have been able to for a longer dream. I noticed that there are three different components to the dream.

1. The primary action.
2. Elements created to explain or make the primary action seem logical.
3. Unexplained elements of the dream.

Primary Action: The bus and my reaction to it are the primary elements of this dream. They are what the dream is about. I see a bus, I flag it down, I sense possible danger and question the situation.

Logical Explanations: The appearance of a bus stop where none exists on the real street occurred to explain why the bus stopped so suddenly, right where I needed it to stop. Explanatory elements are most likely to be memories.

Unexplained Elements: No real bus would just stop in the middle of a street and block traffic to pick up a passenger. My feeling is that this happens because the brain just wants to get the general point across, without going into much detail. The scene was set; further details are unnecessary.

(More discussion later; I have to leave for now. Comments?)
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