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The King's Speech


Movies: Mark and I went to see The King's Speech on Thursday, and it was excellent! Colin Firth plays King George VI of England, who stammers severely. His wife, the future Queen Mum, finds him a rather unorthodox speech therapist, and the two men become close friends while working to treat the stammer.

Kudoes to the actor playing Lionel Logue for a brilliant bit of gamer-type dialogue about knights! In my gaming group, we always knew it was true.

Helena Bonham Carter plays Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons, aka the Duchess of York, aka Queen Elizabeth, aka the future Queen Mother. It was a refreshing change from seeing her as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films.

Amusingly enough, Michael Gambon plays George V!

Derek Jacoby plays the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is an interfering fuddy-duddy. Claire Bloom plays Queen Mary (of Teck), who was George V's queen.

Edward VIII in this movie is shown to be every bit as much of a twit as my research revealed him to be. I was stunned to read how much of a racist the guy was, and how shallow. If the books are to be believed, he and Wallis Simpson suited each other well.

Apparently, George VI finished dead last in his exams for the Royal Navy. Mark said to me, "Hey George Armstrong Custer also finished last, and he became a great Civil War general."

I replied, "Yeah, and look what happened to him."

Life: A Chase Bank in Pearland, Texas (about 20 miles south of Houston) was robbed today by two gunmen who shot the bank manager and held seven people hostage for varying lengths of time this afternoon. It was such a slow news day that this event made the national news. It's even appeared on the MSN website. From what I heard, everyone made it out alive, thanks to the police down there.

The Weather Overhead: Those tornadoes in Arkansas and Missouri were awful! Man, those towns looked as if Hurricane Ike had gone through them. There's a photograph of Bolivar Peninsula on Galveston Island after Ike. Everything has been swept away but one house that is still standing. That's pretty much what those towns looked like, except that you could still see the splintered remains of their houses.

New Year's: Tonight, Mark and I are staying home, sipping on egg-nog, and then drinking some Asti Spumante at midnight. Tomorrow, we'll have Gamer Christmas at Karina's, and that will be the extent of our celebrating. Nice and peaceful.

I am so glad we're not in that mob of people waiting in Times Square to see the glitter ball drop--though I hear it's a very impressive glitter ball, this year, with LED lights and crystals all over it.

Once nice treat about the Times Square event, though: Violinist David Garrett was there, performing with his band. He recently released an album called Rock Symphonies. He has studied with Itzhak Perlman, so I'm interested to hear that album.

Now, if only we could get Charlie Daniels and Itzhak Perlman together. That would be fun.

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