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Deathly Hallows Movie, Part 1

Harry Potter: Mark and I went to see part one of The Deathly Hallows last night, and we liked it a lot. Our movie theater was showing it on four screens, so we didn't have a line at all.

It's weird, seeing a movie in which there are no real surprises. I've read the book, and the movie is pretty faithful to it. What was interesting to me was seeing how some of the actors played their parts. Alan Rickman, for example, was completely expressionless just before and during Charity Burbage's murder, even though he must have known Voldemort would have her, as she'd gone missing from Hogwarts. Snape dared show nothing in front of the DE, especially not when she was killed.

Lucius Malfoy later on--utterly terrified. I didn't actually see Naomi Watts/Narcissa at the Malfoys' dining table, but Mark told me she looked appalled. Seeing what was going on in there when the Snatchers brought Harry, Ron, and Hermione in, I can only say that it fits with the way I played Narcissa in Beyond the Hallows--as shell-shocked. I would not have wanted to have been living there with the DE for months and months.

I didn't like the coloring of the film. They used mood coloring, so much of the movie was shot at night or filmed in gloomy lighting. I prefer realistic or natural lighting, with the actors giving a film its mood. It is sad that the only real bit of color that I remember from the film is Dolores Umbridge's pink suit. Luna and Dobby wore colorful clothing, but Umbridge's suit is what stood out for me.

RPG: And a word from my SPHogwarts character Seth: "Godric Gryffindor's sword was hidden practically in my back yard for months? Cripes, if I'd known, I'd have brought it to you, Harry. Waiting until winter--that was bloody insane."

It makes me wonder if there are any Potterverse RPG's out there which are set at Hogwarts during Harry's 7th year. I suppose there are a few.

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