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May 2019
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Aerden [userpic]

TV: Oh, my God! Sherlock is a brilliant show!

It aired for the first time in the US tonight, and boy, have we been missing something exquisite.

I love the way it's done, with Holmes and Watson being thoroughly 21st century people, but with all of the neat deductive powers that Holmes was famous for. And best of all, the actor playing Holmes is exhausting to watch, which is exactly the way Holmes should be played.

I like the way they've done Watson--He's a professional military man and every bit a good match for Holmes, being a bit of a danger ranger himself.

To my great relief, this episode was not a pathetic attempt to redo A Study in Scarlet in the modern day. They took the basic plot and made a modern story of it that was exciting, well written, and full of intriguing mysteries and plot twists. I can't wait to watch this every Sunday night. *happy sigh*

I think Jeremy Brett would like this show a lot. I know I do, and I am so happy to be able to say that! I love the Sherlock Holmes stories, and at last, we have a treatment of them as modern-day characters that is done extremely well.

IMS: And, for you Imperial Secrets folks--the guy playing Holmes is a perfect body model for my IMS character Zeldon Trevayne, who was a half-elf. I am amazed.

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It is really cool to know that Sherlock is also being cast as Bilbo for the Hobbit. I think Martin will be perfect for that role. Don't you?

I heard about this yesterday as well as the possibility that the film might be relocated to the UK if the problems in NZ don't sort themselves out.

I can certainly see Martin as Bilbo but hope he is still able to play Watson in the next Sherlock series. Be sad to lose him.

What shocks me though is the thought of the very tall Richard Armitage playing a dwarf. Squished Richard not so sexy.

Is Mr Armitage tall? I didn't know that. Since that's the case, it is going to be strange to see him in that role. CGI, anyone? :D

6ft. 2inches. which is fairly tall.

Martin Freeman is quite small and I guess with CGI as with the hobbits this would make sense. No reason dwarfs need to be supershort or bulky just shorter than Men/Elves.

They'll use the same techniques with the hobbits & dwarves vs: men & elves as they did in the LotR films, surely - lots of perspective work and a bit of light CG.

Martin Freeman is perfect. He's a bit hobbity in the face and of course - English! I swear he even looks a bit like Ian Holm, and he'll play Bilbo's lack of willing through the first half of the book rather well, I suspect.

I loved the series and it and its actors took a lot of awards at the recent Crime Thriller Awards in the UK.

I hope there will be more episodes. I am even feeling tempted to write some Wizarding World/Sherlock crossover stories.

I mean, Mycroft just screams 'Department of Mysteries,' doesn't he?

*stifles Gravesness, but it's very, very hard to!*


I agree that Sherlock was very good. Parts of it were filmed in Bristol, although not in the first episode as far as I know.

Sounds great but I didn't see it in the listings. What channel?

Tricia--It's airing on your PBS channel.


Found it - am recording it tonight :)