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TV: Oh, my God! Sherlock is a brilliant show!

It aired for the first time in the US tonight, and boy, have we been missing something exquisite.

I love the way it's done, with Holmes and Watson being thoroughly 21st century people, but with all of the neat deductive powers that Holmes was famous for. And best of all, the actor playing Holmes is exhausting to watch, which is exactly the way Holmes should be played.

I like the way they've done Watson--He's a professional military man and every bit a good match for Holmes, being a bit of a danger ranger himself.

To my great relief, this episode was not a pathetic attempt to redo A Study in Scarlet in the modern day. They took the basic plot and made a modern story of it that was exciting, well written, and full of intriguing mysteries and plot twists. I can't wait to watch this every Sunday night. *happy sigh*

I think Jeremy Brett would like this show a lot. I know I do, and I am so happy to be able to say that! I love the Sherlock Holmes stories, and at last, we have a treatment of them as modern-day characters that is done extremely well.

IMS: And, for you Imperial Secrets folks--the guy playing Holmes is a perfect body model for my IMS character Zeldon Trevayne, who was a half-elf. I am amazed.

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