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May 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Awesome Jewelry!

If any of you would be interested in finding a maker of hand-crafted, wire-wrapped jewelry, please go by Jemyl's Jewelry, and have a look.

This lady, jemyl, is going through a difficult time in her life, and some jewelry sales and encouragement would help. I was directed to her site by pegkerr, and I was glad to find that her pieces are lovely. My inner Narcissa Malfoy is drooling over a couple of the pendants, but those aren't the ones I bought. Poor Narcissa. :)

Narcissa: "Just so long as you buy me something later on."

Me: "Yeah, when I have a spare hundred dollars or so to spend on buying stuff for a fictional character."

Narcissa: "You'd do it for that Graves chap."

Me: "Actually, no. This is girly jewelry. Very pretty. He couldn't possibly wear it."

Narcissa: "I went to Hogwarts with him. The mental image of Paul Graves in girly Slytherin jewelry...gives me a fit of the giggles!"

Me: "So glad to have entertained you this evening."