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Aerden [userpic]
On Thomas Gibson

I decided a while back that actor Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds would be my body model for the younger adult Paul Graves...and I wouldn't mind him as the older Paul, either (swoon!).

I discovered this evening that he used to play Greg on the TV show Dharma and Greg. That cracks me up! So, if you want to see photos of Aaron Hotchner smiling, just look at some of the Dharma and Greg photos on Google. Yes, I know he's playing Greg in those pictures, but he still wears a suit and tie. :D

And for anyone who's ever wanted to see what Paul Graves looks like in swimming trunks...it's there!

Now, if only there were a way for Thomas Gibson and Rachel Weisz to star in a movie together....:)

Shallow? Incurably romantic? Me? Nahhh....

And many thanks to Anna Delko for the icon!

T-Shirt Slogan: Best t-shirt slogan ever, courtesy (I think) of Spike TV: The Star Wars saga - Because you can call a guy 'Annie' only so many times before he snaps.

It's to advertise their Star Wars saga marathon.

Current Mood: amusedamused

I can remember how odd it seemed when I caught re-runs of Dharma and Greg a year or so ago.

I just found it so hard to get my head around the idea of Aaron Hotchner in a rom-com even if he was the straight man to Dharma's kookiness.

Of course, tuning into an episode of 'Third Rock from the Sun' the other night and then couldn't get it out of my head when I watched the latest Dexter episode.

Do you ever watch 'Drop Dead Diva'? Quite enjoying that.

one of my favorite shows of all time was Dharma and Greg. He was also in a great movie called The Inheritance. I highly recommend it

I need that t-shirt.

Also, Hotch! That used to be my favorite show.