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Back in the Writing Saddle

Writing: I worked on Potterverse stuff tonight. I'll be getting back into working on Mindsorter over the weekend; I'll want a break from housecleaning.

"Railroad" turned out to be 1875 words long, which pleased me; I'd actually thought it was shorter than that.

I definitely like Archive of Our Own, as it's much more open to original characters than most of the Potter story archives I looked at several years ago.

The next Paul Graves story that I expect to post at AO3 is "Resistance." It involves Frank and Alice Longbottom, so I'm taking my time with it and making sure that I get things right and consistent before I post it. Okay, the real problem is that legilimency takes a long time to write, the way I write it. I'm annoyed at having to write so much telepathic action, but it's impossible to tell the story any other way. I also must ensure that I make Bellatrix LeStrange mean enough, because I sometimes wimp out on that kind of thing. Bella plays hardball, and I must, too.

After that, I'm not sure what I'll write for Graves fiction. I know some of what I must write for the future, but not what I'll work on in the fear future.

Cleaning the house is still the overwhelming priority, even though I've decided that I must concentrate on writing instead of allowing my attention to be scattered among a dozen different hobbies.

And now, off to drink chocolate lhassi!

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