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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
An Archive for Gravesness

At last, I think I have found the proper place to archive my Wizarding World fiction that features my original character, Paul Graves. It's called Archive of Our Own, and it's a repository of fan fiction.

They're building it slowly, just like Dreamwidth, so you have to either have an invitation or request one to join. Right now, they're doing their open beta-testing. If the schedule holds, I should be able to create my account Wednesday evening. I am looking forward to it.

*rubs hands together*

Time for me to get to work!

Current Mood: happyhappy

I LOVE AO3 - have loved it from the first minute it arrived. And the OTW is awesome as well. It makes me so happy to see more and more people using it. :D Let me know your username when you join! I can't wait for them to get the "subscribe to" function online - easier to follow people that way, but for now I'm using bookmarks in delicious. :)