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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
IMS Work

I spent some of today transferring posts from the Imperial Secrets archives into my journals for myradin and tarran_glennis. I'm trying to bring in posts by story-arc, so all of the Basilisk posts are in there, and I'm starting on the Undead in Highgate posts, now. (I know this will make no sense to anyone except for gwendydd, Suse, Sarah, and Theo.

I've been thinking, and I do believe I could turn my Imperial Secrets posts into a novel. That is sort of how I conceived of my characters' stories, all along, though I originally thought the main story was Myradin's. It's not--it's his youngest brother Settim's story. My characters Myradin, Tarran, and Linnius are all necessary so that Settim can make a decision in about eight years, story-time. I've even started working out how to organize the novel and what things (such as countries and religions) I need to rework from the game. I'm also having to prune things. Plotlines such as the Black Basilisk story arc won't be necessary. A substitute for Thera de Vil, though, will be necessary, as she is essential to Tarran's plot.

Anyway, I'm working out all of this while looking for a job and doing volunteer work. I was accepted by Prison Fellowship Ministries to do clerical work for them. I wish finding a job could be done as easily! I've also applied at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

I saw the dubbed version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon last night. I must say, dubbing helps! But man, what a stubborn girl that governor's daughter was! I knew she was impetuous from seeing the Chinese-language version of the film, but I had no idea of the extent of her recklessness and sheer arrogance. I also didn't know that she and Michelle Yeoh's character were sisters.

Getting to see the restaurant fight scene close-up, on TV, was impressive! I missed some of the floaty things that Chickie was doing, the first time I saw the moviel.

Tonight, we're going to see Jet Li in Hero for my birthday. I'm looking forward to it! I'm also looking forward to the Italian Creme Cake we're having afterward.

(Yes, Azreen, Amelia Bones and her lust for cake is all me!)

Viv--I know you have got way more serious things to think about, right now, but...We must have Gareth and Lilith do something with their days off. :) Oh, and she got a surprise on her pillow, this morning. :D

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Oh. My. God.

Hero and Italian Creme Cake - totally cool.

And do watch Farewell, My Concubine if you haven't, that's really good as well. And if you can get Indian movies Lagaan is pretty cool :)

As for Gareth's little surprise... excuse me while I attempt to pacify a somewhat cracked witch who is in a jealous rage because she is single. No, the lycanthrope in Azkaban doesn't count at the moment because they can't send each other anything.


Gareth promises not to tell Izzy about the rose petals on Lilith's pillow. (g)


I'll be happy to plan something for Lilith and Gareth *hugs*. Things are settling down some inside me at least.

I wish the news about your Dad were better, though. :( They can't even try stereotaxis treatments on him? (Very neat things--multiple concentrated beams of cobalt-60, intersecting at the tumour site.

*sigh* Just wanting to hope.