Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Happy Labor Day!

So far, my labor for the day has included writing. Not original fiction, alas, but hey, I love and will always love sphogwarts, so meh. :)

SPH: For the first time in ages, I updated my sp_sethgraves journal, just because I felt like it and because I'm trying to tie up the loose ends in his story. I read over some of the old posts last night and decided that my train of thought really needed some revamping and clarification in my own mind. It's interesting to write in the mindset of a maturing young adult man who's lived through an alternate Wizarding World war against the Dark Lord--except that we never actually got to the war, because we never wrote the defeat of Voldemort in our game. That's sad, because I would love to have seen how we would have done it. We wrote a close facsimile, but since we didn't have an active player writing Harry Potter at the time, we couldn't go to the ultimate conclusion with it.

What got me onto the Potterverse kick again? Watching A View to a Kill last Thursday. Seems that Sinjin (St. John) Smythe was Roger Moore's alias during part of the movie. That was also the name of the original character played by Taylor. I was not aware of where the name came from, before. It put me into a fit of the giggles.

Apropos of nothing, does anyone else think that Grace Jones must have been the inspiration for whoever invented the Drow? I mean, seriously, she's the spitting image of a Drow matriarch, except her hair isn't white.

Latin: I'm now enrolled in the beginners' Latin class I told you guys a year ago that I wanted to take. The first class is this evening. Pray for me, please. :)

Family: I spent the day with my parents yesterday. Mom wanted to take me shopping for my birthday, so I got some lovely new clothes and learned a way of arranging a scarf so that it looks decent and not like some sloppy thing draped around my neck. Yea! I was also able to visit with my sister and my niece Kaitlin, which was great!

Will post more later.

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