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Aerden [userpic]
New Mouse!

Our Computer: It appears we just needed a new mouse to stop the problem we were having with our computer screen flipping back to previous web pages. Last night it finally died, and Mark bought a new one at Radio Shack today. It's a wireless optical mouse that runs on batteries.

I'm heaving a great sigh of relief. I can use the computer again! I can read the screen again! *happy sigh*

This is so, so blessedly nice. I'm looking forward to chatting with people I've been too frustrated to chat with in weeks. That means you, baghdaelf, vdansk, and gypsy_anna!

I'll be in San Antonio from Wednesday until Friday. I hope we get to visit the Boardwalk.

Current Mood: relievedrelieved

I've got a Boardwalk here, right along the Red River. :) Actually, within sight of my office. You can come visit my Boardwalk! :D

BTW, I lost you on the phone Sunday night! I tried calling back, but it went to your voicemail.

Glad to hear your absence wasn't anything major. I'm having the same problem. Never thought about it being the mouse. Will have to look into it.

I will give you fair warning--those things devour batteries. If you don't have any rechargables, I'd invest in some.