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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Two Russian Airplanes Down

I've just heard on the news that two Russian airplanes have gone off air traffic control radar. One plane is confirmed to have crashed; there is no confirmation yet on the second plane, as it went off radar in a remote section of the country.

This is extremely disturbing, and I will be keeping the families of those who have died in my thoughts, tonight.

Mark speculates that this might be the work of Chechen rebel groups, though there's no way of knowing that, yet. It does seem to be a lot different from al-Qaeda's style--far fewer people have died, and these planes did not seem to be pointed toward politically significant targets, as ours were. The coordination, though, is scary; it's very clear that these attacks were timed to happen simultaneously.

I would really like the news to move away from describing the latest idiocies of Howard Dean and Janet Jackson, and concentrate on this, which I think is far more important.

Other news: I spent much of this morning transferring Imperial Secrets posts from June-Sept. 2001 over to my myradin and tarran_glennis journals. I plan to write more about Tarran later this week.

Current Mood: worriedworried

I feel my heart sink every time I hear news about a plane crash.

Blame news corporations and their desire to feed the public's growing desire for Big News Right Now, Every Second. Actual news that would inform rather than entertain is pushed aside for sound bites and fluffy filler to keep the viewers enthralled in front of the box.

Now for the cool part: you keep journals for your characters? Chantal, that is FANTASTIC! I love it! Can I steal that idea? :D


Kris--Sure! Feel free to! And when you create one for C'jan, I want to read it! :D The journals for Tarran and Myradin Glennis are collections of posts which I wrote for an RPG called Imperial Secrets. The game is now defunct/morphed into something else, so I have decided to just continue writing my own characters' stories, since the RPG was free-form.


PS: Congratulations on attaining Pern Freedom! (g)


::chuckle:: You're welcome.

I'm remaining at Fort, because it's like home there rather than fandom. But the rest . . . yeah. It's time to hang it up and head out into the world.