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Errands and the Gym

Life: Today was an unusually busy Saturday for me and, consequently, for Mark, because I needed him to drive me to a couple of places.

First, I went to Walmart and bought some t-shirts and a pair of sweatpants for the gym, as well as a towel and a couple of small backpacks--one to put gym clothes in, because I couldn't find a small enough duffel bag, and the other to use instead of a purse. I also got my watch battery replaced and bought a gift card for my sister to use as a housewarming present.

After Walmart, we went to Villa Roma and had pizza for lunch. After that, we went to the nail place next door, and I had my monthly pedicure done. Yea, pedicure!

Next we went to the 24 Hour Fitness gym, which I joined a couple of weeks ago. This was my first visit.

Today, I mainly flitted about from machine to machine, trying them out. I can use the cardio machines with no real difficulty, but some of the exercise and weight machines I will need to learn to adjust to my (lack of) height.

I could not figure out how to operate some of them; they were like toilets in my dreams. Whenever I'm dreaming, and my body needs to use the bathroom, the signal is that I'll have a dream about being in a ladies' room, but the toilets are all weird devices, and it's usually hard to figure out how I'm supposed to use them. I literally had to watch other people using some of these machines, to figure out what I was supposed to do with them. I'm still not sure if I got some of them right.

The weight machines whupped me. I can walk fast for a pretty decent length of time, with a bathroom break here and there. But the weight machines are exhausting. I'm thinking I'll probably stick with my five-pound weights at home for a while before doing much with the machines at the gym.

This gym also has a pool. Not sure if I'll ever use it, but it's nice to know it's there. I'll have to look over their schedule of exercise classes to see if there are any I can join at a time that's reasonable for me.

My goal is to learn how to get to this gym on the bus, so Mark doesn't have to take me all the time.

After an hour at the gym, I met Mark at Border's. We had a couple of flavored soda waters there and then went to Kroger's to buy the ingredients for deviled eggs and salad that I'm bringing to my parents' home for Easter dinner. Looking forward to seeing everyone there, as my sister and her family have moved back to Texas from Florida. Lisa got hired at a doctor's office in Friendswood, and I am thrilled for her!

I'm tired now. I'll pop by the StarRise Weyr message boards and then write for a while--meaning I'll transcribe some stuff I handwrote in one of my spiral notebooks.

Writing: I've spent the last few days working on a scene I don't know if I'll ever use in Mindsorter. It has Paul doing an interview of another character, Peter Treadwell, after Treadwell has undergone inquisition. In my story setting, inquisition is a telepathic experience, not pleasant. The inquisitors have determined that Treadwell is an atheist, and Paul has to interview him to be able to 'mindsort' him. Treadwell, as the subject, has no reason at all to cooperate with Paul, as mindsorting can involve altering a person's memories so much that they don't even remember their own family. Paul's job is to get Treadwell to trust him enough to cooperate with him. No small order, and I'm making sure that Treadwell keeps Paul on his toes. Paul likes him for that.

To any of you who write--Have you ever written scenes which you know you probably won't ever use in the final book, but you write them because you want/need to know what happened in them, so you'll know how to proceed with a scene that does appear in your book?
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