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Writing Progress - Mindsorter

Writing: After working on Mindsorter (Archon), my Gnostic universe novel, all weekend, I worked on it more, last night and tonight. I'm not quite at the stage of doing word-count. Mainly, I'm working on chapter 1, revising and improving.

Normally, people say not to get bogged down in chapter 1, but to keep slogging ahead. But what I'm doing at this stage is adding in details which the scene didn't have, before. I have a better notion of how the mindsorting process would work in the real world than I did previously, so that's allowing me to add in details like the arm and leg restraints in the reclining chairs the sorters use--to protect them from their subjects and to keep themselves from falling off the chair, if something unforeseen happens. I'm adding in little bits of Darkovan psi knowledge, like Paul having a monitor present to keep watch over him and his subject, and the idea that he and his subject will be starving for high-calorie food when they come out of it.

Eventually, I'll get to the point of describing things more vividly and artistically, but that can wait for the rewrite. For now, I just want to get the bare bones down and have the plot action happen in the correct order. Before yesterday evening, I had placed the scenes in the wrong order. But it makes more sense to start the sorting, be called away to a medical emergency, then find out it was his son who hurt the injured party, then get the bombshell from the Archon that Bad Things Are Going to Happen if all heretics are not rooted out ASAP.

At that point, I can start chapter 2.

Sorry for all of the babbling about plot details which likely make no sense to anyone here, as none of you can read my mind. But it's nice to have people I can talk about it to, even if my meaning isn't always clear.

In another bit of babble...I'm angsting that perhaps 'mindsorter' and 'sorting' are too much like 'Sorting Hat.' But I just can't think of a better British term to use. It's so simple, and it fits.
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