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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Seriously, How Hard Is It?!

Apparently, school students these days don't actually do homework; instead, they get on Yahoo Answers and expect other people to do it for them. This other example is even worse.

The Gettysburg Address takes about a minute to read. The language used is a bit old-fashioned, but not that difficult to fathom. Even if you don't know what "fourscore and seven" years is, you can figure it at least means, "back in 1776" from context, and do the math from the date of 1863.

Honestly, if Mark and I ever have children, I'm of a mind to forbid them from using the Internet for homework until they graduate from high school.

Chantal, a Crotchety Oldtimer

Current Mood: crankychildren today!

I did that today, to someone asking why Archimedes shouted "Eureka!" in his bath. My reply went something like this:

Archimedes actually said, "Eureka, mycorrhiza!" because he discovered a rare Pernese spore.

If you haven't read the Dragonriders of Pern novels, you won't understand that, but it pertains to a deadly spore on an alien world. I just could not resist. :)