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Aerden [userpic]
Tea and Responsibility

Today, I read this article by Michelle Malkin while drinking my morning Earl Grey. I agree with it. I'm actually surprised that anyone is blaming any people other than Amy Bishop and Joseph Stack for murdering three fellow college professors and for crashing a small plane into an IRS building in Austin, which resulted in two innocent deaths, along with the pilot's death. Maybe I'm just naive?

The thoughtless political rancor when it comes to disasters is getting a bit ridiculous, and it ought to stop. Amy Bishop and Joseph Stack are the sole people responsible for their criminal acts.

Current Mood: annoyedrolling my eyes

yea agreed, people just find the latest thing to smack talk about and use as the blame holder. Though, after reading a bit about Amy Bishop, there was a long history and lots of instances it seems where people should have spoken up or something that there just were too many coincidences with her being associated with death causes or attempts.

anyway, she and the virginia tech shooter guy remind me of a fellow who was in my computer science program while in college. Can we say.... PSYCHO?!?!?! but people are afraid to say anything anymore about someone the least bit different so they just don't anymore. I did speak up about this guy at school though, he was talking to himself, people weren't there, he was violent towards machinery when things didn't work his way, and he got very hostile once with another classmate almost to the point I was about to get help. Every single girl in our CS department were afraid of him or to be alone in our building if he was nearby (so we set up our own buddy system) and even the guys knew something was off with him and did not want to be around him. Being that I was the head department assistant, I helped grade for classes - I have no idea how this guy graduated since he did get his degree but he was failing almost everything. I think the school just wanted to push him through.