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Storms, Stories, and Evil Seth! (no, not EvilSeth)

Yesterday morning, about 5am, we had an incredible lightning storm. This thing lasted abut an hour, and it was thundering non-stop--loud thunder! Sounded as if the sky were tearing itself apart, over and over and over.

A freaky thing--our computer, which has been operating in safe mode only for the past several months--only partial colors and not completely functional--was suddenly restored to normal mode after a half-second power outage. Totally bizarre! Nothing we had done to that computer had the least effect. And now it's back to normal. I don't understand!

We saw Collateral Friday night. Pretty good movie, and Jamie Foxx does an excellent job.

I came up with an idea for a villain--sort of an anti-hero version of Seth Graves who is into organized crime. I'm still tinkering with him in my head. He's a bit scary; uses a sword cane. Maybe I can put him into Vendetta. That'd be good. Give Ephram someone meaty to tussle with. Hm.... Ooooh! Yes! I think I like this idea a lot.

*hurries off to write notes in musevoices*

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