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Aerden [userpic]
Houston's Getting Cold, This Week

In which I freak out about mildly cold winter weather, as if it were a blizzard.

This is the forecast for Houston's weather for the next four days.

It will look laughable to anyone living north of Dallas, but to us here in Houston, that's freaking cold!

Global warming, my ass. I've heard talk of possible snow again tomorrow, though that forecast doesn't mention it. If it happens, that would be snow in Houston, twice in one winter.

*wants snow!* I don't care how cold it gets, if it snows. :)

Current Mood: coldshiver, shiver, shiver
Current Music: "New York, New York"

It's odd, but somehow the snow makes it seem LESS cold!

*shivers with you*

CP--I get so happy about the snow that I'm more willing to tolerate the cold. :)

Stay warm over in Georgia!