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Aerden [userpic]
Earthquake Imminent?

My friend Donna just got a call from a friend of hers living in Vallejo, California. She said some sea lions which typically gather near Pier 39 near them have left, all but 19, and their pet cats are clumping together. The last time either of these two events happened, there was an earthquake. I mentioned this to Mark, and he said there were tremors in California, this morning.

This could, however, simply be normal tremors cuased by gravity from the Sun and the Moon. We're due to have a blue moon and a partial eclipse on New Year's Eve.

I hope it will not be too severe.

Edit: I just found this article regarding the sea lions. Their reduced numbers in this season might not be so much of a herald of danger, after all. I'll wait and see. I know a lot of tremors have been occurring in Baja, so...maybe an earthquake is imminent, maybe not.

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There were earthquakes already happened in Baja:
That 5.4 quake in Baja Calif followed just 5 mins later by 4.9 22 miles SE of Calexico, Really shaking today in Baja Calif area: 3.5 (9:54am), 2.6 (9:57am), 5.9 (10:48am), 4.9 (10:53am) & now 3.4 (11:04am)

Most, unless close to Baja didn't feel anything

The USGS shows a magnitude 3.3 quake in the greater Los Angeles area just a little while ago, at 00:17:56 UTC.

Edited at 2009-12-31 04:28 am (UTC)

being a California local and a bit of an earthquake/geological hobby enthusiast - a lot of the experts are saying we here in southern california are more likely to have the next 'big one' as its been a while since we've had a good sized earthquake close to the San Andreas (the last big ones being probably the Hector Mine Quake back in the late 90s and the Northridge Quake of '94). The lower half of SoCal around the Riverside/San Jacinto area is the prime target they say.

The section of Baja is quite active the last year or so, thus the 5.8 yesterday isn't too much of a surprise but there's hardly anything in that area so there's little to no damage I'm sure but San Diego and Tijuana probably got rocked pretty nicely (didn't feel anything up here just a bit north of Los Angeles).

The 3.3 near Riverside yesterday evening was a tad bit shallow so it was probably felt a lot more but if you live in CA, that would be a small blip on our radar where we go, "hmm? what was that? bah that's just a large truck rolling by!"

BTW, since I mentioned Northridge Earthquake above - we're coming up on the 15yr anniversary in a couple weeks. I might add, this region (as we're just over the hill from Northridge) tends to get a good sized earthquake every 15-25yrs in recent history (this is one of my favorite websites with all sorts of info!". I didn't live in my current city in '94 but I was 30 miles more west and we got rocked really bad and lost power but no damage... while my current city had land upheavals (the close mountains shot up like a foot I think), foundation cracking at houses, and chimneys collapsing. Actually, I just saw on the history my town had a 1.2 on Christmas hahaha.