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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Quiz and Some Job News

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It seems there's an opening for an administrative Assistant at the Lighthouse for the Blind here in Houston. My job search counselor faxed my resume to the lady needing an assistant yesterday, and I've left a message with the Lighthouse's personnell administrator. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I would like to earn at least $10/hr. or $20,000 a year, but as this is a non-profit organization, I'm not going to demand that. Really, I can't afford to be picky, right now; I need a job. If asked, I won't work for less than I was earning with the state. I think I at least deserve that much, considering the length of my experience.

All this is a moot point at present, though, as I haven't even been asked to interview. It would be nice to get a job for my birthday, though, expecially in a place where they understand about needing adaptive equipment.

Off to look for more openings. I tried St. Luke's yesterday, and their site seemed to be down. I'm not exactly sure why I bother, as St. Luke's has never expressed the slightest interest in hiring me, but it's always worth a shot. I'm also going to investigate volunteering for them.

Olympics: Way to go, gymnast Paul Hamm, swimmer Natalie Coughlin, and the women's beach volleyball team! I never thought I would praise a sport as seemingly silly as beach volleyball, but I can see how it is more difficult than traditional volleyball--sand is more difficult to move in, and you have to contend with wind.

When will they be doing equestrian events?

The little Olympics illustrations on the Google masthead are wonderful! Today's is of a delicate, female weightlifter. (g)

Purpose-Driven Life: I read chapter 5 last night.

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

Don't forget that American women took both gold and bronze in sabre! :-D

Yeah! I heard an American woman won the gold in fencing for the first time ever. Even got to see a film clip of it. Awesome!

I was rooting for the French guy in the men's judo; was disappointed that he lost. I didn't realize his opponent, Pedro, was American until the end. (g)


Good luck with the job prospects :) It would be great if you got a job on your birthday!

Azreen--Oh, wow! Is that what you look like? Cool! I actually look a lot like the painting I use for my icon. It's scary.

Heh...I would love to get a job for my birthday. (g) Haven't heard back from the lady yet, though. *sigh*

See you later!


Dittos on the good luck with the job prospects!

The Olympics really have been fabulous! I am going to be sorry to see the swimming and gymnastics end, and I really got a kick out of seeing the athletes get to use the ancient sites. One of my friends on my journal said yesterday he had taped some equestrian events that I think were on during the day. I hope you haven't missed too much.

I watched the elimination trials for the men's synchronized diving, back in June. I was horrified to discover that those guys were 15 and 16. Had to tell myself to turn off the hormones!

*remembers Greg Louganis and fans self*

Yes, very neat that they got to use the ancient sites. That must be spectacular, to be in those places and realize that athletes used them, thousands of years ago.


I've been working hard to keep the hormones in check; for the first time I think I'm fully appreciating that these kids really are kids! I think that's why I got so interested in Blaine Wilson and his chances . . . at least he's thirty!

My friend Evan once hired two high school interns who showed up for interviews together. They were completely incompetent but, well, ya know . . . . He jokes that part of him wanted to make as part of the interview him asking them to "make out a little," but then he insists: "but I knew it would be sick and wrong. Sick and wrong! SICK AND WRONG!!!" (chuckles!) OK, OK, it's better when he does it live.