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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Tuesday Update

Happy Birthday, trinibelle!

I hope you have a happy one!

AC Writing: My current AC article that I'm working on concerns the best TV detectives of this decade. Problem is, most of the shows I can think of have ensemble casts. Aside from Monk, Psych, and Castle, can anyone think of any other mystery shows since 2000 which don't have ensemble casts? The trend really has gone away from that, it seems.

Life: I'm very tired, and the remnants of my cold aren't helping.I garbled with saltwater this evening and bought a Neti pot on the way home from my voice lessons. Maybe it'll help, but really, my nose is not the problem now; it's my throat and post-nasal drip--in which case, maybe the Neti pot will help?

Music: It looks like I might be performing in another Gregorian chant mass, on January 19 or 21. Not sure yet. It will be at St. Mary's Seminary Chapel here in Houston. We'll see how I feel tomorrow night. If I'm as tired as I am tonight, I'll be really reluctant to go to the three-hour rehearsal, but I'll probably push myself, anyway.


can't think of any others at the moment, but I do love Monk and Psych. ^_^