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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Narcissa's Gone

I got up about 4:00am because Narcissa Malfoy from the Beyond the Hallows RPG was writing a journal entry in my head. I decided I wanted to write down what she was saying, because it was beautiful and so her.

My bth_narcissa journal has been deleted. *cries* I hate it when DM's do that, even though the game has died, and I know they want to do housekeeping. I'll never be able to recreate all of her posts. I wish they would have at least warned me, so I could have saved what I wrote for her. :(

Yeah, I know. If this is the worst thing I have to be sad about, I have an awesome life, and I should shut up and be thankful. But I loved this character.

Edit: I revived my BTH Narcissa journal at cg_narcissa. I can't restore the posts or the poetry, except for one poem, but I might be able to cobble together paraphrases of some of what I wrote for her, and she can now have a place to speak in the future.

Musical Humor: Courtesy of sauron_the_dark. This is awesome and hilarious:

TV: Annnnd...Mythbusters will give us a special treat on Monday, December 28:

Current Mood: okaycontent and giggling

Hey she's not been deleted|!!!!!


You just forgot there was a m at the end of the name. I'd back up those entries now though 'just in case' they do delete them.


how can someone else delete YOUR journal?? if you gave them access, better change the passwords before they delete your stuff.

rude of them to delete anyone without asking, anyway.

Sio--Turns out it wasn't actually deleted; I left off a letter in the username.

However, it is not actually 'my' journal. It was created for me by the moderator of the game, who also gave me the password. This is a common practice in LJ-based roleplaying games to prevent loss of the character journal, which can happen if the player creates their own character journal and then leaves the game.