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Narcissa's Gone

I got up about 4:00am because Narcissa Malfoy from the Beyond the Hallows RPG was writing a journal entry in my head. I decided I wanted to write down what she was saying, because it was beautiful and so her.

My bth_narcissa journal has been deleted. *cries* I hate it when DM's do that, even though the game has died, and I know they want to do housekeeping. I'll never be able to recreate all of her posts. I wish they would have at least warned me, so I could have saved what I wrote for her. :(

Yeah, I know. If this is the worst thing I have to be sad about, I have an awesome life, and I should shut up and be thankful. But I loved this character.

Edit: I revived my BTH Narcissa journal at cg_narcissa. I can't restore the posts or the poetry, except for one poem, but I might be able to cobble together paraphrases of some of what I wrote for her, and she can now have a place to speak in the future.

Musical Humor: Courtesy of sauron_the_dark. This is awesome and hilarious:

TV: Annnnd...Mythbusters will give us a special treat on Monday, December 28:


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