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Aerden [userpic]
San Antonio Bay?

Headline: "DSHS Recalls All Oysters Harvested from San Antonio Bay"

Me: San Antonio has a bay?!

Apparently, the oysters are infected with norovirus, which causes diarrhea and other nastiness.


It's the mouth of the San Antonio river, where it empties into the Gulf. link

So...San Antonio Bay is 130 miles southeast of the town itself.

Only in Texas. :)

Ah, well, at least the 'landlocked city having a bay' issue is now settled. Thanks, Bill!


Yeah, it's another great example of the curiosities of Texas history. The town was named because the missionaries discovered the Indian village at La Villita on the feast of Saint Anthony. Then the river got named after the town. Then the bay at the end of the river got named after the river.

Then it really got weird, when the Spanish government sent a bunch of colonists there from the Canary Islands. (My mother-in-law was once a San Antonio tour guide.)