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From Paul and Lilith's Wedding (SPH)

(To former players in sphogwarts)

SPH: Remember, when Paul and Lilith got married, they did it not only as a wedding, but also as a consecration of themselves to defending the Light?

I never got to write the ritual because time got away from me, and I wanted to coordinate the writing of it with Viv. But I did want to share part of it with you. It's Gandalf's Pledge:

The rule of no realm is mine.
But all worthy things that are in peril
As the world now stands--
Those are my care.

And I, for my part,
Shall not wholly fail in my task
If anything passes through this night
That can still grow fair
Or bear fruit and flower again
In days to come.

God, I miss SPH. It was so...brilliant, so deeply layered.

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