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Aerden [userpic]
In Loving Memory

@>->-- Frances Marie Christian --<-<@

December 19, 1940-December 11, 2009

You fought a good fight, Aunt Frances. Now, you are free to dance, forever.

Current Mood: lovedloving
Current Music: Argentinian tango music

*hugs you tight*

Joanna--*Hugs* Thank you so much.


My condolences Chantal. I know it's hard, even when it's expected.

Thanks for thinking of us, Bill.



I have no words, my dear friend, but I hope you are doing well.


We're doing okay and trying to help my cousin Linda as much as we can. She's the one who's had to be the pillar through most of this, and that is so hard.


:hugs: i'm very sorry for your loss. :( you are right, though, that she is free again.

Sio--Thank you so mch! She's out of pain now, and that's really all that matters.


Deepest condolences with you, sweetie.


Thank you so much, Sarah. *Hugs*


My condolences... I wish you and your family all the strength to pull through. *big hug!*

Rocio--Thank you! We need it. :)


I am so sorry... *hugs*

Iswari--Thank you so much!



My condolences to you and the rest of the family.

Such a wonderful to think of her -- dancing again. :)

Tricia--Thank you! My cousin Linda and family can use all the prayers they can get. She's very tired, after caring for my aunt non-stop for several weeks.

I have a Yule ritual to finish writing today, and then I'll be able to write with you again, starting Tuesday. The rosary service is Monday night.



See you then

My most sincere condolences to you and your family. You are right; she is free again, and you will all be reunited someday. Remember that it's not a permanent separation but instead a temporary one.

Requiem aeternam dona es, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat es. In memoria aeterna erit justus, ab auditione mala non timebit. Amen.

Dave--Thank you! *Hugs* Aunt Frances and Uncle John loved to ballroom dance, although she had a bad habit of leading. (g) She also liked to do tap and Argentinian tango. Even the last week of her life, she was watching a TV show about a tap dancer and was moving her feet in the bed.

I will probably cry at the funeral, but I'm at peace with her death. She wanted to go and be out of pain, and I'm very glad she has that now.

BTW, thank you for the beautiful Latin.


I am sure she is dancing.

Love & *hugs*