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J. K. Rowling Interview (08/15/04) and DLM

Interesting. Well, I've read J. K. Rowling's interview that she gave at the Edinburgh Book Festival on the 15th. Most of it was pretty normal mundane stuff. Mainly, I read it because there was a bit of a commentary in sistermagpie's journal about it, so I wanted to check it out and see if I agreed with the objections.

I'm a bit aghast. The woman does not understand why Professor Snape is so attractive as a character? She doesn't understand why we love Snape? She thinks it's all just 'bad-boy' syndrome? She doesn't understand why teenage girls like Draco Malfoy, either.

Okay, I admit; I think canon Draco is a twit. I prefer some of the varieties of fannish Draco I have seen; they are far more complex and interesting than the Draco in the books, who is quite dull and inconsequential.

I'm also disappointed that there is no depth to Dudley; he is exactly as she paints him. And I am really, really disappointed that she says Voldemort has never loved or cared for anyone, that he couldn't be what he is, if he had.

If this is true, then Voldemort must be a complete sociopath, for whom right and wrong have no significance.

Frankly, to me, it's utter lack of imagination. One might even argue laziness--though I'm a fine one to accuse anyone else of that. I don't know. She desperately needs to get herself a copy of Donald Maass' Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook and follow it to the letter--not just for Harry, but for all of her major characters, Voldemort included. How in the world can she get away with creating a bunch of characters who are exactly what they appear to be?

I think the lady is very disconnected from her fanbase--completely doesn't understand them--at least, not the ones who write fan fiction. Granted, some of the fan fiction can get bizarre, and I suspect much of what JKR sees on the Internet shocks her. But it really makes me wonder what kind of girl she was, growing up, that she can't grasp a simple concept such as why we like Snape.

I like him because he is her most interesting, complicated, angsty-but-sarcastic-with-it character--who has the capacity to surprise me.

And what gets me is, I love her books, despite all this!

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me was excellent, Sunday evening, quite one of its best episodes yet. My favorite vignette featured a young transgender man who was angry at God. Went into a church with Daisy, one of the show's regular Grim Reapers, and raged at God. "If you love me so much, why did you make me a freak?" It was brilliant. He wanted God to apologize to him, and he was staring at the stained-glass window behind the altar, and the Light came. Just magnificent, and my description here has not done justice to the power of the scene.

If you have never seen Dead Like Me, I really recommend that you watch it. The show is marvelous--filled with humor, irony, and pathos, as well as some truth and beauty. I think it's on Showtime--channel 474 here in Houston.

Passing commentary regarding crossjordanfic--Why is it that fan fiction nowadays seems obsessed with 'pairings?' I went to that community looking for some good, meaty forensics fiction, and I see that the most recent story posted is labeled as having a pairing of Woody and Jordan. *roll of eyes* The quality of the story may very well be perfectly fine, but to me, it's pitiful when the 'need' for a story to be about a pairing of characterx seems so pandemic that a special heading must be set aside for it.

From Shusu: Kill Harry - Not a crossover I ever expected to see! :D

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