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Snow in Houston!

The Weather Overhead: It snowed today in Houston!

Yes, I know all you folks from up North are just laughing your asses off at us and probably telling the truth--we had snow flurries. But, hey! I had snowflakes on my umbrella by the time I walked to the grocery store across the street from our house. They were falling from the sky in little fluffs of whiteness swirling about in the air. They were beautiful! They speckled my clothing as I walked. I was so happy to actually see snow; it comes here so rarely.

One of my friends had enough snow in her yard to build a very small snowman! :) We even have a cellphone picture to prove it. Too cool!

State of the Body: Crappy, this morning. I had to ask Mark to come get me from work, after I'd told him I would ride the bus home. Luckily, my office closed today at 10am because people in Houston don't know how to drive safely in mildly icy conditions. I was really glad of that.

Mark: You are too good to me, and I don't deserve a wonderful man like you. Not only did you come get me when I was unattractively sick, you made me feel sexy and desired, later. You are a prince among men. I love you so very, very much.

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