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The Princess Diaries II

Mark and Tom wanted to see Alien VS Predator tonight, and I didn't want to. We discovered that The Princess Diaries II was playing at about the same time, so I went to see that.

I was very surprised. I had expected the thing to be uproariously funny, but I didn't find myself laughing much. On the other hand, I did get the intellectual in-jokes, so there were times during the film when I was the only one laughing my ass off. Some of the Machiavelli humor was quite fun. And I kept wanting to insert Gimli lines for John Rhys Davies' character.

I think they should just install Julie Andrews as the next Queen of England; she does it so beautifully. The woman is a lady, through and through, and it shows.

Random thought: I want to see A Shark's Tale!

Next week, we're to see Collateral, starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. As of right now, I could take it or leave it. The cab driver I would really like to see Tom Cruise paired with is the one Queen Latifa plays in whatever movie she's starring in. She would kick his butt and make him like it!

I have heard people snicker about the fact that Texans will cut all sorts of things into the shape of our state--from belt buckles, to ash trays, to paving stones, to pancakes, to toast. Tonight, at Luther's Barbecue, I had a Texas-shaped chocolate brownie. *giggles!*

I bought a copy of The Purpose-Driven Life this evening. I don't think I'll start reading it tonight, though. I ate too much buttered popcorn at the movie theater, and my body is letting me know its displeasure. :P

I have finally begun feeling the urge to write, again, instead of just world-build and write about writing. How do people find time to keep up with Pern fandom and also do their own original writing?

Potential writing projects for Nanowrimo, this year:

  1. The Curse of Avriet
  2. Lightborn
  3. To Move the Heavens

If I start working on one of these early, I'll just continue it for Nano. Why start work on another project, if I'm already in the middle of one when Nano starts? I'll just add to the existing word count. Of the three, To Move the Heavens is the least likely to be written soon, because it is a fandom-derived work. If only I had two bodies, so I could work on the 'real' stuff and the funsie stuff at the same time.

Of course, the other alternative is that the little Paul Graves in my head will grab me by the lapels some night, point his wand at me and say, "I insist that you write my story, or else...or else...or else I shall be more vexed with you than you wish to experience!"


Second Random Thought: Oh my God! There's Crossing Jordan fan fiction!!!! (at crossjordanfic) I'm in love! :D

Thoughts and Prayers

My thoughts and prayers go out to a very dear friend whose father is quite ill.

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