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Yeah, I'm on Associated Content

I have joined my husband Mark in writing articles for Associated Content--all because I wanted someplace to print a short roulette article I wrote, and I wanted to get paid for it.

Go figure.

I have now written four articles for them, three of which have been published, two of which are about roulette. It's scary. I never imagined that I would take up casino roulette as a sort of pseudo-specialty. But I love the game, and I see so much BS written about it at some of the gambling sites.

Thank you, baghdaelf, for introducing me to the game, by the way. :) I really, really enjoy it, and I look forward to the next time I'll get to play it.

I will probably write some disability-related articles for them soon. What I want to do is get myself back into the article-writing groove and begin submitting longer work to professional magazines. AC is a good place to start, but magazine and newspaper articles are my eventual goal, as they pay much better. AC, however, is a consistent, fast payor, and you do earn residual income from page views, with them.

Mark earns several hundred dollars a month, now, just on page views. It's amazing. However, he writes several articles for AC a day, while I usually have time to write just one a day, if that. And his articles are about politics and space policy, while mine are more in the general interest arena--or, as I prefer to think of it, the "Cool Stuff!" arena.

My AC writing will slack off in November, as I plan to work on Archon for NaNoWriMo, but I'll pick it back up in December.

TV: Castle, as usual, was excellent, last night, not the least of which for Nathan Fillion briefly wearing his Malcolm Reynolds costume from Firefly.

Daughter: "What is that costume?"

Castle: "Space cowboy."

Daughter: "Dad, there are no cows in space." <--- Wonderful line!

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