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Aerden [userpic]
The Shoebox Project

I got curious about this shoebox_project community that gmonkey42 was talking about, so I went to investigate. If you're a Potter fan, it's great! The premise is that Remus Lupin keeps a shoebox of old letters and photographs under his bed, and one year while doing spring cleaning, he finds it and goes through the contents.

The posts to the community are written by two people, but all are welcome to comment. The stuff they are writing is hilarious! If you like the Harry Potter characters, you might very well enjoy this. I think they're up to 13 or 14 installments, now. I have friended it to my musevoices journal.

Warning: It appears to feature a developing Remus/Sirius relationship, and some people might not care for that. The story is still very amusing, though. :)

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

This is completely of topic, but... Germany? :-)

LOL! I figured it was semi-centrally located. And it's near Switzerland, which has really good chocolate...(g)

Wherever the moot would be held, I would love to attend!


I figured it was semi-centrally located.

That's actually the reason I put it up; none of the potential mooters is from there (I think - somebody might know somebody who knows somebody...), so I thought it would be fair - or equally unfair - to all of us. ;-) Didn't think about the Swiss chocolate, though... how could I forget that?!

And we'd love to have you! As long as you're prepared to hear strange accents in abundance... :-D

LOL! As long as people are willing to suffer through my bizarre mix of French and Italian, which is what I began speaking, once I made the mistake of learning Italian after French. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I studied either language, so I've forgotten a lot in both. *shakes head* I'd have to brush up!