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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
In Shock

Work as if it were your first day.
Forgive as soon as possible.
Love without boundaries.
Laugh without control
and never stop smiling.

The above words were in a piece of email I received about a 21 year-old woman who died of cancer five days after her wedding. I don't even know this woman, but it was making me teary-eyed.

Now, I have just found out that a very nice woman I attended a six-hour meeting with earlier this month died yesterday. It's like having a bell ringing too loudly in my head.

Current Mood: shockedstunned

Mortality can hit you like that.

I live with mortality, seldom further than 2nd hand, and it's effects are...not quite muted, but different. I don't get very emotional about strangers, because there are too many people whose stories I know and with whom my life has entwined. There are young mothers with cancer, childhood sweethearts facing seperation by Alzheimers, children with disabilities and shortened life spans. Each of them has something to teach, some strength or beauty to pass on. And when I can lose one and not cry, it will be time to find another line of work.